Novel coronavirus is jittery in every city during the Spring Festival, which is supposed to be a festive day. When I came to the railway station, I saw that there was something more in the flow of people that was still like the tide - masks, a tense atmosphere, which filled the crowd. My parents and I went back home in a depressed atmosphere.


On New Year's Eve, I turned on the TV as usual to watch the Spring Festival Gala, and watched it for more than half an hour. Suddenly, an unexpected program caught the whole family's eyes and deeply moved us. On the screen, there was the hospital background of Wuhan city. Doctors and nurses were wearing white protective clothing, and their faces were wearing plastic transparent covers integrated with clothing. They were fighting against the virus and life danger Time race. With the host reciting "love is a bridge", I felt a torrent in my heart. I kept bumping and bumping. I knew that the program was added temporarily because of the severe situation. Although it had not been rehearsed, it still made many people cry. No one in the hospital would want to hide, no one would be lazy, no one would want to make a phone call with his family They regard those suffering compatriots as their parents and children, and they are determined to save these patients just like their families.


Novel coronavirus was also seen in mobile phone. When I saw the news on the phone, I saw hundreds of excavators, which were being started at the same time. During the rest time, the workers were in the stars and the moon. They built a more than 20000 square meter hospital in six days. They were specially treated with new coronavirus patients. They gave up the rest, the relaxation, the reunion with their families. The weather was so cold that people were shivering. However, the construction site was so hot that everyone fought for work, time, fate and death.


This is my most unforgettable winter vacation, the most unforgettable new year and the most unforgettable spring festival. I salute the heroes who helped us pass the customs in our new year. It is the front line with them, happiness will closely follow us, relying on them will be able to defeat the virus, this will be my lifetime memories.


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