以I love Spring为题的六年级英语作文


  六年级英语作文:I love Spring

  Of the four seasons, I love Spring best.

  In Spring, the weather gets warmer and everything begins to grow rapily. If we go to the countryside on a sunny day in Spring, We'll find tree turning green and flowers blooming. Besides mypersonal interests, I think the most important reason why I like Spring is that Spring signifies hope and progress. It assures us a promising season of summer and also the most iportant havvest seaso-autum. I love Spring.

  六年级英语作文:I love Spring

  Spring Is Coming.The weather is sunny and warm .The sky is blue . The trees are green .The flowers are beautiful . The birds are singing . Spring is coming .

  In spring , I can fly kites .I can go hiking .I can plant trees. So I love spring.

  六年级英语作文:I love Spring

  Winter was gone,spring comes.I love spring best,because it's very beautiful.In spring,the weather is aways sunny and rainy,it's not cold and not hot,it's warmer and warmer.The flowers begin to open and the trees begin to turn green.The birds are singing in the sky,they are happy.The animals will go out to play.Many people like to go out and enjoy the sunshine.I like wearing my sweater and jeans, I like to fly kites,plant trees and see the beautiful flowers. Spring is colorful,I think it's a wonderful season. What's your favourite season?Please tell me.


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