Today, the Spring Festival gala will be shown. I'm looking forward to it for a long time. Finally, it starts at 8:00 this evening. The whole family will eat the new year's Eve dinner and get together happily to watch the Spring Festival Gala.


  At the beginning of the Spring Festival party, five ethnic groups, including Tibetan and North Korea, performed wonderful ethnic dances. They danced in unison. Then, I played crosstalk skits, and my favorite acrobatics, playing bronze bells. They played skillfully and neatly


  It's a minute on stage and ten years off stage. Then, he performed the martial arts "running clouds and flowing water", recited "words in the heart" and all the programs were brilliant. Finally, Zhao Benshan and Song Dandan's sketch "planning" pushed the Spring Festival Gala to the climax, and his excellent skills won the audience's warm applause. At this time, it was midnight and the bell rang twelve times, but I was still full of energy and did not feel sleepy at all.


  It's past zero. The program continues. I gradually fall asleep from singing and dancing. A few hours later, I grew up one year old

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