Private Schools and Training Schools 私立学校和培训学校

  Private Schools and Training Schools




  Education determines the destiny of individuals and of a nation. That’s why China has experienced tremendous boom in education amid its 3-decade reform and opening campaign. Apart from universities and colleges rapidly expanding their scale, private schools and training schools have also mushroomed, attracting large number of students.

  Private schools and training schools have proliferated because they can considerably compensate for the deficiencies inherent in government-established institutions. They are closely geared to the changing demands for the talents valued by the labor market and are most sensitive to introduce adjustments, in keeping with those evolving needs. Without the rigid bureaucracy and executive interference usually associated with government-supported institutions, they are much more efficient in administration and in providing the kind of education catering to the individual needs of students.

  However, those schools are not without their flaws. They are almost invariably driven by commercial purposes. The fees they charge are forbidding, disproportionate with the limited education and training they provide. They tend to lack standardized curriculum and the faculty there are of varying quality. The legitimate rights and interests of students cannot be fully guaranteed, especially when some of them go bankrupt. In view of all those possible negative consequences, it is all the more important that students choose the right school at the right time.




  私立学校与培训学校之所以数量激增,因为它们在相当程度上弥补了官办学府所固有的某些不足之处。此类学校紧密地切合劳动力市场不断变化着的对有价值人才的需求,并且依据这些不断变化着的需求, 能敏锐地作出调整。没有了那些常常与官助学府相联系在一起的僵硬的官僚主义及行政干预,它们无论在教学管理方面, 还是在向学生提供可满足其个性需求的教育方面,都来得远为高效。



  1. the destiny of individuals and of a nation个人的命运和国家的命运

  2. tremendous boom高度的繁荣

  3. reform and opening campaign改革开放运动

  4. Apart from…除了……

  5. compensate for弥补

  6. government-established institutions官办学校

  7. be geared to适应……的需要

  8. be most sensitive to introduce adjustments能敏锐地做出调整

  9. in keeping with与……协调;与一致

  10. rigid bureaucracy and executive interference僵硬的官僚主义及行政干预

  11. cater to满足……的需要,迎合

  12. be driven by commercial purposes受着商业目的的驱动

  13. disproportionate with与……不成比例

  14. be of varying quality良莠不齐

  15. The legitimate rights and interests of students cannot be fully guaranteed学生们合法的权益无法获得充分的保障

  16. go bankrupt破产

  17. In view of all those possible negative consequences鉴于所有这些有可能存在的负面后果

  18. all the more important愈加重要

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