My Summer Holiday三年级英语作文

  I had the second a gry Summer Holiday inLos Angeles America.

  Los Angeles is a beauliful city.There are blue sky green grass.Grass fields were intermixed with areas of woodland.We walked across the springy grass.l like here.

  I went to a lot of place Disnep`spark and Hollywood.This summer holiday l made some new friends. Do you know who they are?Let metell you:they are my favorite books ,l like books very much .I like reading science books, English books, Chinese books, cartoon booksand so on .Not only let me know how wonderful the word is but also teach me how to be a good person in the society ,they give me great pleasure .So l love book very much.

  I had a happy summer holiday with my books . How about your holiday. Los Angeles is one of my greatest pleasures to come here .I learned some English words l am very happy! Custom makes all things easy!

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