The Impact of Internet on Interpersonal

  WhenI first set my eyes on a father and his daughter, I heard the father ask abouthis daughter's school life. To my surprise, the girl told his father to readher blog so that he can get what he wants.


  Now,the Internet has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life.It has influenced us a lot, especially on our interpersonal communication.


  Forone thing, the Internet makes the interpersonal communication more convenient.We can contact with each other no matter when and where. The Internet makesfull use of time and space. What's more, we can also share our daily life andknowledge through QQ, MSN, and blog with others. For another thing, theInternet speeds up our interpersonal communication. We can save time to do ourwork. However, the Internet also brings about many problems, such as safety problems,cheating and so on. Many people spend too much time on the Internet, and theydon't have time to interact with person in real life, which result in theabsence of ability in communication in reality.


  Ithas both advantages and disadvantages to interact through the Internet. We canget to the problem in our work and study. Last but not lest, we have to talkwith people and develop our ability to communicate in reality.


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